February 14, 2011

Love Language

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"Boris makes me feel like the best thing ever and I appreciate him and love him for that."
"We focus on each other.  My wife and I spend time talking, looking at each other and being present in each others' lives."

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"With Jada I stood up in front of God and my family and said "till death do us part".  Divorce cannot be an option.  I honestly believe there is no woman for me but Jada."
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"I want peace in my home, I want a smile on my wife's face.  What I had to realize was that she's first, and when the queen's happy, the land is happy."
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"Can't say enough about how special of a woman I have.  I love her spirit, her heart, her integrity and her loyalty.  She's the love of my life and the girl of my dreams.  In my eyes, she's the most beautiful woman inside and out.  I wouldn't trade her for all the sun on the beach."
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