February 20, 2011

Key To Moisture, Teen Blogger, Tionne

Throughout this winter, my hair has felt rather dry - until recently that is.  The steps I've been taking have helped combat the dryness and shedding I was experiencing.  My hair now feels soft and moisturized.

  1. Weekly Hot Oil Treatments
  • Microwave coconut oil and olive oil for approximately 30 seconds
  • After the oil has cooled down a bit, apply to hair in small sections using the shingling method
  • After completing applying oil to my entire head, I put on a plastic cap
  • Sit under the hooded dryer for 25-30 minutes *This step is new since I just got my new hooded dryer! :)
  • Co-wash or shampoo my hair (I alternate weeks)

     2.  Weekly Deep Conditioning
  • Mix Pantene Curly Hair Series Deep Moiturizing Treatment and Organic Root Stimulator Recovery Pack with a bit of jojoba oil to my either freshly shampooed or co-washed hair. 
  • Apply to hair in small sections using the shingling method
  • After complete applicaiton, I put on a plastic cap and sleep overnight with it on OR
  • Sit under hooded dryer for approximately 1hour and 30 minutes
  • Rinse and style
    3.  Nightime Moisture
  • Apply coconut oil and Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Leave In Conditioner to my entire head
  • Braid my hair into about 8 braids each night
  • Apply a generous amount of shea butter to each individual braid.  (I have extremely thick hair so it doesn't weigh my hair down)
  • Tie my hair up in a satin scarf and I am ready for bed
  • When I wake up in the morning, I take the braids down and apply more coconute oil

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