February 22, 2011

Break Up to Make Up - Me and My Hair

“All’s fair in love and war”
"Unlucky in cards, lucky in love"
"Misery loves company"
"You only hurt the one you love"
"Love is blind"
It’s been a rocky relationship at best…good days, bad days, mostly bad.  I always say when the bad starts to outweigh the good, it’s time to cut your losses and move on.  Change is never easy, even when it’s necessary.  While we were apart, I tried others.  Don’t get me wrong, they worked out aight but nothing is perfect.  When I look back on our relationship, I can’t help but wonder, did I really give it 100%?  Or did I walk away because things didn’t always go my way?  Sometimes my frustration takes over and I just want to remove myself from the situation.  Right then, at that moment – it just felt like the right thing. Self reflection is not an easy task.  It requires vulnerability and maturity.  I think it’s time we parlait a bit and see if there’s something we can do different this time.

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