January 13, 2011

Thank you!

Two words I don’t say enough – but I’m working on it.  I want to thank you for reading my blog!  I am definitely a newbie who is learning about this whole blog community!  It’s so much fun and I really enjoy doing it.  I am working on revamping the look so I appreciate any and all feedback via email or in the comment section of each post.  If you are here and reading this, PLEASE ADD YOURSELF as a follower!  The more readers, the more content, the more sharing of knowledge and experiences, the better!  Who says less is more?!   There’s room for everyone in the blogging world so tell a friend! 
Upcoming posts on the following:  Henna, Brushes, College Hair, and of course, Product Reviews, NaturalViews, Chemical Relaxers, etc...  As always, if you have a hair story or have spotted something interesting in the media, please share!


denise said...

Great job on your blog Tam! I don't get to check it as often as I like, but it's really helpful and I enjoy your posts!!


Curly Chic said...

Thanks so much Necee! I really appreciate it! I am working on it and making some improvements soon. Love ya!