December 13, 2010

Curly Nikki

So everyone knows I love love love Curly Nikki’s site!  It’s listed on my Fave Blogs tab.  She is sooooo cute and her hair is beautiful!  Her natural hair site (among others)inspired me to start my own blog!  It is well written, personal and fun!  She wants your curly experience to be as stress free as possible and therefore she provides you with the resources you need to help you along the way!  She shares her experiences good and bad, product reviews, tells you where you can purchase certain products, etc.  It is such a “go to” site, I read it every day, multiple times per day!   She encourages her readers to send in questions as well as provide answers to questions most curlies want to know.   She even does Celebrity Interviews – yes, she’s connected.  Yours truly has been featured on her site several times as well!  Curly Nikki is a Licensed Psychotherapist, which has spilled over into her role as “hair counselor”.   Check out her site!  You’ll love it too!

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