December 22, 2010

Bantu Knots – To Bantu or Knot to Bantu

What are they?  Yet another great hair style option for naturals or soon to be naturals who are on the transition path. 
What is the desired look? I want to achieve the look of an old school roller set.  I love the body and bounce that roller sets produce (from what I remember from my relaxer days).  Funny thing – I used to rock roller sets when I wanted to hide my new growth so that no one would know I “needed” a relaxer!  LOL!  That’s so funny to me now!
A few tips (from my research since I’ve never done it before)
ü  Can be done on wet or dry hair
ü  Thoroughly detangle
ü  Section hair into four huge sections and then divide those sections into mini sub sections as you go!  The mini sub sections will depend on a few things – 1.) the length of your hair  2.) how big you want the curl to be – the bigger the section, the bigger the knot.  3.) how loose or tight you want the curl to be.  It’s kind of like the same logic when you use rollers.
ü  Twist each section of hair tightly, wrapping the twist around the twist itself(did that make sense?) into a knot formation
ü  Secure each with a bobby pin or tuck the hair inside the knot
ü  Once completely dry (if you started out with wet hair that is), remove each knot
One of my fave YouTubers, Taren 916 (see my favorite YouTubers tab) did a dry twist out/bantu knot out.  What’s really nice about this style is that there are so many different methods out there and you can put your own little “twist” on it, like Taren did.  No two bantu knot results are the same, which is what I love!  Without further adue, check out her tutorial! (Caution:  because this is a time consuming style, there are 2 parts so please watch when you have a moment.  Her results are beautiful!)  She is great natural hair resource!

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