November 03, 2010

5 Things I Love About My Hair - Pay a compliment to your hair!


Today I am loving my hair!  I tried something new last night and the results today were so great that I decided to write down 5 things I love about my hair!

1.      The color – yes I do color my hair and do not intend on stopping! J  I know many naturals choose not to color because of the damage it causes or consider those who color “not natural” but I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with color as long as I give it a little extra attention.  The only time I have ever experienced damage due to the color was when I had a relaxer.
2.      The fact that there is no style really – it just does what it does.  There’s something very free about that.  There’s no "neatness" and no rhyme or reason! 
3.      The length – although I want it to get much much longer, mainly because I heart big hair, it’s at a length where I can do whatever I want with it.  I have more hairstyle options with this length.
4.      My curl pattern – while I don’t get into categorizing my hair with letters and numbers, I do recognize that I do have a tremendous amount of curl definition – even without product!
5.      It inspires others!  My hair is such a conversation piece these days!  It’s very flattering to hear compliments about my hair – especially on those “uggggh” hair days.   Not a day goes by that I don’t get a compliment on my hair. 

How I achieved today’s look:
Last night I separated my dry hair into four sections and sprayed it with a water and olive oil mixture.  I then applied some Kinky Curly Knot Today leave – in/detangler.  I braided my hair into 10 braids (5 on each side), applied Bee Mine Bee Hold Curl Butter (just purchased this last week!!!) to each of the 10 braids prior to braiding.  I sealed the ends with Shea Butter and tied it down with a satin scarf and went to bed. 
* Note:  I applied the leave in prior to the Bee Mine Curly Butter because I recently read that it can be somewhat drying because it is an oil based product vs. an H2O based product.
This morning I applied jojobo oil to each braid as I took it down, mildly fluffed with my fingers, separated most of the pieces and then held my hair upside down a few times and viola!  My hair is extremely soft and shiny and somewhat big, or what I call “corporate big”!  There is a little frizz due to my separation but it’s the good frizz!  Tomorrow it will be even bigger!  Think I'll pineapple it tonight and tie it up with my new locsoc!

Peace and Love
Curly Chic

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